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Mobile Meals Volunteer Loves the Job!

Food insecurity and isolation are contributing causes to the physical, mental, and emotional decline among many older adults. Poor nutrition can lead to a lower quality of life, higher medical costs and even premature deaths. WNCSource’s Older Adults Services (OAS) program provides free lunches in a congregate group setting at the Silvermont Mansion and Quebec Community centers. OAS also offers Mobile Meals delivery service to dozens of rural homebound seniors with the help of caring volunteers.

Saunders Grommesh is a volunteer Mobile Meals delivery driver in Transylvania County. When you meet her, the first thing you notice is her joyful spirit. “I look forward to Friday mornings every week. I choose one of my ‘happy’ plaid shirts to match my happy personality. Delivering meals is something that I love to do; many of our older adults live alone and are lonely. Spending a few minutes with them, talking and learning more about their lives is so meaningful to them and to me.”

When asked if she thought meal delivery to seniors is important, Saunders replied instantly, “Absolutely! The nutrition piece is key but the visits are also vitally important. Often this is the only human interaction these folks may have each day. As humans, we are social by nature, so depression and loneliness can easily set in. Mobile Meals is vitally important to our local seniors. I get so much more out of delivering meals than I ever expected.  Seeing everyone greet me with loving smiles makes my day.”

For more information about our OAS programs in Transylvania County or to make a difference by volunteering, please visit the Volunteer Opportunities section of our website or call (828) 884-2255.