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WNCSource’s contributions to the quality of life in Henderson, Transylvania, Rutherford and Polk Counties include:

Moving Families Out of Poverty…For over 55 years, WNCSource has helped thousands of families achieve long-term economic independence.

Improving Quality of Life…Knowing that their children are safe and happy in WNCSource’s high-quality child care programs, parents can pursue education and job training. With WNCSource’s Housing Choice Vouchers, families can afford decent housing and move toward home ownership and well-paid employment. Each family that succeeds provides significant financial savings to the community.  By promoting and fostering active aging, we help older adults live independently longer.

Economic Benefits...Each year, WNCSource brings more than $9 million into the local community in federal and state funds, funding the most pressing local needs. This government funding is matched by $1 million in local support. Private and corporate support continues to grow, allowing WNCSource to stretch its dollars further to serve more people and enhance our programs. WNC Source employs 175 people and serves approximately 8,000 persons each year. WNCSource has the flexibility to choose where the need is greatest in our community and adjusts to meet changing local needs.

Savings for the Community…Operating numerous programs out of one agency allows for considerable savings, particularly in financial and administrative management. WNCSource uses just 7.6% of its operating budget for administrative support. This means that more than 92% of funds directly benefit low-income families.