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Together we changed her future!

With your help, we were able to give this little girl back her smile and set her on the path to better health and a brighter future!!!

If you saw our earlier post, you may recall that 4-year old Sheny is a member of one of our Early Head Start families. During a home visit in May, WNCSource staff noticed the little girl was noticeably withdrawn and not feeling well. Her mother told us about Sheny’s ongoing toothaches and problems eating. After our staff arranged an examination with a pediatric dentist, doctors found an abscessed tooth and several other teeth that were in decay. Without an intervention, Sheny would have lost her teeth and her jawbone would have deteriorated. Future permanent teeth would likely be crooked due to her deformed jawline. Due to her young age, doctors recommended a several hour long surgery under anesthesia to perform the necessary root canals, crowns and fillings to repair her teeth. The threat of blood poisoning from the abscessed tooth meant surgery was needed right away! 

The family had no insurance and no money to pay for the $4,200 procedure. WNCSource staff helped the family apply for assistance through the hospital and organized a fundraiser to raise over $2,500.  Sheny underwent surgery on June 16, 2023.

Sheny has recovered from the extensive dental surgery she had in June. Her teeth and jawline have healed and she no longer suffers from terrible mouth pain. Mom says she’s back to being an active little 4-year old who is eating regularly, playing with friends, and even enjoys homemade popsicles!

Sheny’s family is beyond grateful for the outpouring of support their daughter has received. Thanks to the generosity of everyone who donated, Sheny got the help she desperately needed and now has a bright, smile-filled future ahead!

We still need your help to pay for Sheny’s remaining medical and dental bills.

Please consider making a donation to support this effort!

Thank you!