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Family Self-Sufficiency Program Promotes Independence and a Brighter Future!

FSS Manager William Shepherd celebrates Rhonda Glover's graduation from the FSS program

Rhonda Glover came to WNCSource in 2018 as a single mom who was given 30-days to move out of her rental home. With little to no savings and no prospect of finding another home, Rhonda applied for the Housing Choice Voucher (HCV) program. 

The HCV program (previously known as Section 8) subsidizes rents for low-income residents including seniors, people with special needs, military veterans, and underserved families. WNCSource administers the federally funded program in Henderson and Transylvania Counties. After she received the voucher and found a new home, Rhonda signed up for WNCSource’s Family Self-Sufficiency (FSS) program because “I don’t want to be so scared of losing my home again!”

The FSS program helps individuals and families on the HCV program become more independent and break free from public assistance. While enrolled in FSS, participants work with a WNCSource caseworker and take classes on household budgeting, money management, Renting 101, undergo credit counseling, and establish a savings plan. Caseworkers help FSS participants set goals and connect them to GED coursework, continuing education, job training, and other helpful community resources.

Rhonda credits the FSS program with helping get her life back on track. “FSS rewards you for doing better and trying harder. It’s like a fresh new start!” Just 5 years later, Rhonda has graduated from our FSS program with an improved credit score of 708, a higher-paying job, and has $7,794 in savings! She is currently working with the Housing Assistance Corp in Hendersonville to purchase a home of her own within the next year!