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New Developmental Day Program Starts 2/5/24

WNCSource, a leading provider of Head Start, Early Head Start and NC Pre-K programs will soon add a Developmental Day program to its list of services in Henderson County. The Hendersonville-based nonprofit worked closely with Henderson County Public Schools to sustain early childhood education programs for special needs and typically developing children. The Helping Hand Developmental Center had provided those services for over 55 years for the school system. However, ongoing funding shortfalls, together with difficulty in finding qualified staff had put the agency into deep financial stress forcing it to close.

Although WNCSource has suffered similar staffing challenges and financial strain during and after the pandemic, it agreed to take over the program and has worked closely with Henderson County Public Schools and Helping Hand to transition its children, families and staff. WNCSource Head Start and NC Pre-K Program Manager Amy Smith exclaimed “This is a very dedicated group of educators and staff who genuinely love and care about these children. We are very fortunate to have them join our staff and continue this important work!”

WNCSource will open one Developmental Day classroom on February 5, 2024 at the Tebeau Children’s Center in Hendersonville. The class of 18 will consist of 9 special needs and 9 typically developing students between the ages of 3 to 5 years old. The curriculum will focus on social development, early learning and kindergarten readiness and operate year round.

As the only child care provider of Developmental Day services in Henderson County, WNCSource will work to expand its services to meet the needs of other families previously served by Helping Hand, as well as new generations of special needs children. For now, WNCSource will assess and integrate the children and families into existing Head Start and Early Head Start classrooms throughout the county to meet their needs. However, the agency plans to add additional Developmental Day classrooms as qualified staff become available.

WNCSource is urgently looking for early childhood educators with a Bachelors degree in Education and Birth to Kindergarten Certification with a NC Teachers License. The agency is offering relocation assistance and sign-on bonuses as high as $4,500 with an annual salary of $38,600 to $51,600. Details and applications can be found on our Careers Page.